Ponderis leverages a full bench of experienced investment bankers and industry executives to offer a full suite of M&A advisory services ranging from JV structuring and deal origination to due diligence and negotiations. Ponderis works closely with both corporates and funds to execute Growing Markets strategy.

Fund Client Solutions

  • Source Investment Allocation: We partner with a select group of investment funds to present vetted opportunities that fall well within investment profiles.
  • Perform Due Diligence: Leveraging significant and unique market intelligence and industry expertise, we perform due diligence on the strategic, operational and regulatory components of investment opportunities in both sides of the Growing Markets.
  • Provide Transactional Support: We provide tactical support to deal teams during the transaction process, in areas of deal structuring, negotiations and regulatory framework.
  • Seek Strategic Exits: We assist clients in identifying strategic exits for their portfolio investments.
  • Deliver Market Briefings: We deliver proprietary analysis and in-person briefings that provides fund managers with the timely, relevant and reliable market intelligence to make prudent investment decisions.

Corporate Client Solutions

  • Advise & Support Innovative Startups: We accelerate scalable innovation across Growing Markets, working with clients to refine business models, secure angel or VC funding, and identify key strategic partners that take high impact entrepreneurial ventures to the next level.
  • Raise growth capital: We represent early and mid-stage corporates in designing and executing growth strategies, analysing funding requirements and raising growth capital. On occasion, we represent clients in secondary private placements.
  • Secure Project Financing: We help large Growing Markets-based infrastructure projects secure start-up capital and varying forms of project financing from funding consortiums of institutional investors.
  • Identify Acquisition targets: We manage client M&A mandates, evaluating potential acquisitions, conducting due diligence, and advising on deal structuring.
  • Sell Controlling Interests: We manage the process of selling a company, identifying potential acquirers, soliciting expressions of interest, evaluating proposals, and negotiating the sale.
  • Chart New Markets: We work with technology and product companies to enter new markets through structuring strategic partnerships and securing growth capital.
  • Bridge Strategic Partnerships: We help clients identify, structure, and negotiate operational and strategic partnerships to enhance their operational efficiencies and growth potential.