We work with board-level company leaders to help them deliver the best possible return to shareholders.

Together, we work on a range of issues from optimising resource allocation to new market entry and acquisitions of other companies, always doing so in a way that is clear, insightful and practical.

Corporate Strategy is a core strength

At Ponderis we regularly work with Boards and Chief Executives who are concerned with reallocating their assets to best deliver maximum shareholder returns. Typical questions include:

  • How should we allocate our resources across multiple markets?
  • Which markets should we be investing into, diverting from?
  • What is the role of the centre, how should it interrelate with my operating companies and how should it add value beyond divisional or business-unit level?
  • How should we approach M&A, partnerships, joint ventures and investments?
  • How should you identify possible market-entry scenarios and define an efficient strategy?
  • How can you analyse and qualify the different options?

We work with those who are – and those who aspire to be – market leaders.


Clients tell us they like that our advice is clear, insightful and creative yet practical, and based on a real understanding of the way their businesses and markets work.

M&A and Private Equity

In addition to the usual corporate finance services, we also provide consulting within closely related fields. Based on years of experience, we create value for our clients through:

  • Strategic advice and strategy development in preparation for a possible purchase or sale. We have often worked with our clients for several years before a possible sale/divestment in order to create the best possible circumstances for maximum value creation, or securing of other objectives for the owner
  • Development of acquisition strategy in order to create optimal conditions for the execution and implementation of acquisitions
  • Establishment of incentive programs for key employees to align the interests of employees and owners
  • Financial and commercial due diligence in relation to acquisitions/divestments to avoid unnecessary surprises and understand the potential risks involved

For over 10 years we have completed various strategy assignments that have created significant value for our clients.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In a marketplace littered with acquisitions failing to deliver on expectations, Ponderis know success demands both the vision to imagine bold transformation strategies, and the hands-on capabilities to see them through.

Extensive experience equips us to help both corporate and private equity firms across many industry sectors, identifying the right targets at the right price at the right time.

Our rigorous analysis, hands-on support and rapid deployment of experienced resources help us guide clients throughout the transaction process, from target search and screen through commercial strategic due diligence to business planning, post-merger integration and profit / performance improvement.

Increasingly, we are also called upon to help sellers: putting together Vendor Due Diligence reports that help present their assets objectively and to maximum advantage, attracting the best possible bids from the best possible bidders, streamlining and speeding up the transactional process, and – ultimately – gaining the best possible price.

Private Equity

Ponderis supports Private Equity firms and other investors throughout the investment lifecycle – from initial investment strategy and deal origination through to the disposal of assets.

We use our deep sector knowledge to identify and qualify potential M&A strategies and targets. In due diligence, we develop a comprehensive outside-in perspective, using secondary and primary research, including industry expert and customer interviews. If possible, we work with target management and other advisors to build a detailed view of the target’s performance.

After the deal, our extensive corporate performance improvement expertise is often brought to bear on the newly purchased assets (post-deal strategy, ‘100-day planning’, integration of targets into existing assets).

Subsequently, we help our clients with acceleration or turnaround strategies, provide support for re-capitalisations, and help determine optimal exit timing also in light of economic and industry sector developments (will multiples drop, or recover soon?).

Finally, we assist with the exit strategy and conduct commercial vendor due diligence (VDD) to support Private Equity firms in realising their assets’ maximum potential value.

We work with a wide range of renowned Private Equity clients, both globally and locally.[/fancy_box][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]